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Do it Yourself Attachable Black Veil for a Beanie Hat

Do it Yourself Attachable Black Veil for a Beanie Hat


This is a cool, on trend style to have a woollen 'beanie' hat with an added veil.
This is an inexpensive way of still getting that cool look, with just a little sewing involved!


This listing is for JUST the veiling piece, ready to add to a hat of your choice.


It works best with a hat with a turn up cuff to tuck the veiling into.

With a choice of either black vintage waffle weave, classic veiling or merry widow veiling.
The merry widow is a stiffer veiling, so may need more work..!

Many other colours available on request, please message any queries.

You can also request a custom length, bigger or smaller than the standard.
Standard Size 68 cm long, to fit 56/57 cm head, with a 1cm thick cuff on the hat.

A chunkier hat or larger head would need a longer piece, just measure around the head with the hat you want to attach it to, on your head.

It will look bigger than the hat when you get it, but once you carefully put it on, it should fit most people fine.

It will arrive with the ends gathered and sewn together, you just need to pop the hat inside it and just sewn firmly at the back of the hat, just below the turn up so you can pull it up to cover the workings.

I am thinking of attaching to a brooch pin too, to save sewing but this idea is in production.

Wearing Instructions-
*Carefully position the hat on your head.
* Gently pull the veil down to the desired position, you can have a little or a lot of veil.
* Any excess at the top can just be tucked into the turn up of the hat.
* Tweak at the edges and tuck in where needed.
* Please Handle with care!

The veil is made to order and will take a day, plus delivery time.

Veil Widths- Waffle Weave - 23 cm wide, Classic - 23 cm wide, Merry Widow - 25 cm
Veil Circumference/ Length 68 cm for a 56/57 cm head

** Due to the COVID 19 pandemic - All Veils are now NON refundable/ returnable because of face/ head contact risk & hygiene issues **

Please note, display head is smaller than a human head, so not to scale.

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