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New Designs for July..

I have at last managed to get a few new designs made this last week..

For ages I have been wanting to do the veil on a headband.. so now with a bit of experimentation there are two styles available..

A plain veil on a satin covered headband and one with a few flowers on the top, for that pretty Boho Goth feel..

The plain band & veil is made with the gorgeous vintage style waffle weave soft veiling, but it can be made with the very fine Russian or stiffer Merry Widow veiling..

                black vintage waffle weave veil on a headband              black vintage waffle weave veil on a headband


Then the one with the added flowers, is really pretty..

The flowers are small satin and organza genuine retro 80's flowers and finish the band off nicely.. again it can be made with the other types of veiling.

Both these veils featured are ready made, ready to ship.. but can be made to order in a wide range of colours, including red, dark green, navy, brown and purple,


Next, this is the gorgeous Cranberry Steampunk Daphne clip headpiece..


             cranberry burgundy peacock feather steampunk watch cog hair clip headpiece fascinator

This is a fabulous colour, a deep rich cranberry which compliments the bronze and blue/ green colours of the peacock eyes beautifully.

Made with tiny ostrich feathers, three small peacock feathers and darker cranberry fluff feathers.

Finished with a satin ribbon ruffle and a collection of brass watch cogs, which match beautifully with the peacock feathers.

This design is limited and is made to order only, as I only have a few of the fluff feathers..

Thanks for looking..

Penni   :)





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