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Custom Orders this week.. 25/7/17

This week has been busy, mainly bandeau veils plus a few nice headpieces..


This is the Navy Blue Minerva, this headpiece is really eye catching with its fabulous Lady Amhurst pheasant feathers and contrasting navy blue fluff feathers and peacock feathers.

                                         navy blue minerva headpiece        


Also the Purple Isadora, this is a gorgeous deep almost aubergine shade of purple.

              purple isadora sinamay and curl feather fascinator mini hat      purple isadora sinamay and curl feather fascinator mini hat      

This is the cute and pretty little blush pink Steampunk Little Gem clip, new to the range this week.

The pale pink feathers perfectly frame the stunning peacock feathers, and the brass cogs pick up the bronze tones of the feather beautifully.

                                                                           pale blush pink steampunk peacock feather hairclip


And finally this is a gorgeous Victoriana peaock feather headpiece, with navy blue and bright cobalt blue feathers.

A touch of black in the crystals, this is a custom order for a regular customer to wear with a Victorian gown in black, blue & navy at the Whitby Weekend..

                                             navy & cobalt blue victoriana peacock feather fascinator


Thanks for looking, more next week..  Penni  x



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