Beautiful Gothic Style Wedding Designs.... Handmade in England.
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Beautiful Feathered Clips with Bandeau Veils, perfect for a Gothic Bride..

New this week.!

This is a new design incorporating a beautiful bandeau veil with a feather clip attached.

The feather clip is a vintage Burlesque style with curled mini ostrich feathers, curled fluff feathers and delicate ostrich fronds.

Finished with a lace bow loop for a touch of vintage and a satin ribbon ruffle and a matching embellishment.

Embellishments available include pearl, crystal and rhinestone cabochons or a cluster of glass pearls..

Skull, Bat or Gothic themed embellishments also available on request.

They can also have a Steampunk twist added with silver or brass cogs, or a vintage look with buttons.

At present they are ready made in black, red and ivory, more colours will be available ready made and there is a large range of colours and type of veil available.

Including the standard Russian veiling, Merry Widow, Tulle, Vintage Waffle Weave soft veiling or for the really daring, the Mega Merry Widow veiling with massive holes..

                          red ostrich feather burlesque clip with bandeau veil                 

Easy to wear, you just clip the feather spray into the side of the head, roughly above the ear, then place the veil across the face, then push the comb on the other end of the veil into the opposite side of the head.

                                 black merry widow bandeau veil gothic bride

The top will need to just be pinned down for neatness.

Then you will have a stunning veil and hair clip combo which would make a great finishing touch to a Gothic Bridal look, burlesque or vintage styled wedding.

Please email any enquiries to -

Thanks for looking .. P  x






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