Beautiful Gothic Style Wedding Designs.... Handmade in England.
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A Veil of Mystery.. Black Gothic Veils Galore..!

Gothic Diva Designs has a wide selection of fabulous black veils.

In loads of different veiling types to create a different look with each one.

Fine tulle in plain, glitter or sequin for a subtle look, Russian - plain or spotted and Merry Widow veiling for the classic Bridal look.

                                                                  black tulle bandeau veil

For the more daring there are gorgeous black lace and vintage waffle weave veils and for the ultimate in drama, the new Mega Merry Widow bandeau veil..with extra large holes for a truly fierce look!


They are available in the short style which pushes into the front of the hair with one comb and just sits over the face, or the bandeau style which can be worn in many positions.

Just skimming the eyes or for the daring, full face.

They have a comb on each end to push into the side of the hair.


A must for all Gothic Divas... x

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